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You Must Watch These Female-Led Superhero Movies

Movies involving superheroes are the best to watch, but the fact we cannot deny is that most of them are gender centric as they feature a male superhero usually. However, this scenario seems to be changing as we can see the superhero genre embracing female characters, and there are more and more movies rolling out every year, where we can see a female superhero in the action. In this article, we have listed the best superhero movies featuring a female character. Let’s scroll down and find more about these movies.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is undoubted, one of the best superhero movies that are featuring a female character in the lead. This movie has received appreciations from every corner, and on IMDb also, it is rated 7.4. The story of this movie revolves around Princess Diana and who rescues a US pilot, and when she learns that there is a war going on, she takes the side of mankind against Ares, the god of war. Gal Gadot is starring as the Wonder Woman in this movie, and along with her the likes of Chris Pine (Steve Trevor), Robin Wright (Antiope), Connie Nielsen (Hippolyta), and Danny Huston (Erich Ludendorff) makes it an outstanding movie.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

If you are looking to watch a superhero movie that offers a good laugh as well, then Ant-Man and The Wasp is the right choice for you. The movie includes the adventures of Wasp who sets out to help Dr. Hank Pym, along with Scott Lang. Directed by Peyton Reed, this movie has received an IMDb rating of 7.1. There are Evangeline Lilly (Hope Pym), Paul Rudd (Ant-Man), Michael Douglas (Hank Pym), Michelle Pfeiffer (Wasp), and Hannah John-Kamen (Ghost) starring in this movie and you are going to have an amazing time watching this movie with your family.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is one of the best movies which involves a superhero and female character in lead. The story of this movie revolves around Vers, a Kree warrior, who loses her way to the earth as she is separated from her team, and then her life is changed as she finds Fury, a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck deserve all the appreciation for this movie. This movie stars Brie Larson (Carol Danvers) along with Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury), Gemma Chan (Doctor Minerva), Ben Mendelsohn (Talos, Keller), and Jude Law (Yon-Rogg). This movie is certainly going to keep you thrilled and entertained all the time.

The Old Guard

The Old Guard is another great movie to watch, which is having a woman superhero into the center. The story of the movie is about a group of mercenaries, who fight to protect their freedom after someone has known their secret and capability of healing themselves and staying immortal. Charlize Theron (Andy) is playing one such immortal character in the movie, and the likes of other stars like Harry Melling (Steven Merrick), Kiki Layne (Nile Freeman), Matthias Schoenaerts (Sebastian Le Livre), and Marwan Kenzari (Joe) makes it outstanding. Gina Prince-Bythewood has directed the movie pretty well, and it has received an IMDb rating of 6.7.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix

You are going to love watching X-Men: Dark Phoenix if you are looking to watch a superhero movie involving a female lead and a bit of science as well. This movie tells the story of Jean Grey, who is struck by a powerful ray of energy, but that is absorbed in her body. It turns her immensely powerful, and you can witness her adventures in this movie directed by Simon Kinberg.  Sophie Turner is starring as Jean Grey in the film and the inclusion of James McAvoy (Professor X), Jessica Chastain (Vuk, Smith), Michael Fassbender (Magneto), and Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique) makes it a great watch. This movie is loved by fans and has received a good rating on IMDb.

The list of superhero movies involving female characters in lead roles is expanding as there are more and more such movies releasing every year. Fans are also showering such movies with appreciation, and in this article, we have listed the best such films which you can watch with your family and have a good time.

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SOURCE: You Must Watch These Female-Led Superhero Movies


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