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Apple Expands the List of Vintage and Obsolete Products, Last iPod Nano Included in the List

Apple is a popular company when it comes to the production of quality gadgets and their latest version. Of all the gadgets Apple produces, they also keep bringing updated versions of those products, maintaining pace with growing technology. However, Apple also maintains a list named Vintage and Obsolete Products list. Apple puts those devices which have not been sold, for five years into the list of Vintage products, and products that have not been sold for 7 years are considered obsolete products. What differs from the Vintage and Obsolete category, is the repairing. Products that are included in the Vintage list are considered for repair by Apple and other service providers but the products listed among obsolete products are not eligible for repair by Apple.

Apple recently expanded its list of Vintage and Obsolete products as it included the last seventh-generation iPod Nano into the category. iPod Nano is a classic offering from Apple, which was launched in September 2012, and later in 2015, Apple rolled out its refreshed version. The iPod Nano has been considered “vintage” and it joins iPod Classic, the fifth-generation iPod Touch, and the fourth-generation iPod Shuffle in the list. The addition to the list means that Apple has not been selling for five years, but if you own an iPod Nano, you can still get it repaired before it is put in the “obsolete” category.

The history of the iPod Nano is 15 years old. It was first announced by Apple in September 2005. The first generation model of iPod Nano came with a 1.5-inch color screen and a scroll wheel, which was similar to iPod Classic. The small and compact size, exciting features, familiar interface, and reliable product quality had made the Nano widely popular. The success of the first-generation model of the iPod Nano led Apple to launch a second-generation iPod Nano in the next year. The second-generation model came in a colorful new anodized aluminum case that grabbed the attention of everyone. However, it was the design of the third-generation iPod Nano, which made a big statement. The third-generation iPod Nano featured a 2-inch display that had a resolution of 320×240 pixels, and playing videos on this screen was a wonderful experience. The success of the iPod Nano motivated Apple to keep putting efforts into a better design quality and features. 2008 and 2009 witnessed two most successful iPod Nano models. Both of these models featured a Candybar design and a taller display. Both of these products were made available in multiple colors and received appreciation across the world. What made 2009’s iPod Nano different from the previous model was the inclusion of a video camera. The 2010 model of the iPod featured a touchscreen display, which was quite a significant improvement.

In 2012, Apple rolled out the seventh-generation iPod Nano. The seventh-generation model featured a 2.5-inch vertically oriented touchscreen display, and it came in Candybar form. A home button and a lightning port made it quite famous. In 2015, Apple updated this model with little improvements, and it was made available in three different color options. Apple has now added this seventh-generation model among vintage products. If you own this device, you need to be a bit more careful with its operations now, as it might not be eligible for repair anytime soon.

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SOURCE: Apple Expands the List of Vintage and Obsolete Products, Last iPod Nano Included in the List


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