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How to Record Your Screen in Windows 10

Did you know that your Windows 10 has a screen recording feature? Well, it does, and you can do so in various ways. Screen recording helps you capture every instance of gameplay; also, you can create tutorials of anything you do on your Windows. These screenshots get saved in MP4 and other video formats. These recorded videos can be broadcasted easily on Facebook, YouTube, and other platforms.

In this article, you will learn some of the best methods to record the screen on your Windows 10 using native apps like the Xbox Game bar as well as third-party apps.

Using Xbox Game Bar

Windows native Xbox Game Bar offers the easiest way to record every occurrence on your screen. There are two ways to launch the application: from the Start menu or with the shortcut key “Win + G.” If you encounter any error, try to reinstall the application from Microsoft Store.

While navigating to Xbox through the Start menu, you will come across an option named “App settings.” From here, enable “record game clips, screenshots, and broadcast using the Game bar.”

You can also set up configurations for recorded video, audio quality, and video quality

Once everything is set, you can press the red circle in the game bar to start recording. Click again, to stop, or use the shortcut “Win + Alt + R.” The recorded videos will be saved as a default in “D:\Videos\Captures.”

Use the NVIDIA Control Panel

If you have installed an NVIDIA graphics card on your PC, you can make use of the NVIDIA Control Panel application to record your screen. Once installed, you can access the NVIDIA application from the Start menu.

This app allows you to set up the screen resolution, refresh rate, and other settings.

Download and install the GeForce Game Ready driver from NVIDIA’s official website.

It will take a while, as the graphics driver will undergo a basic system compatibility test, before launching the GeForce Game Ready driver on your computer. Once, the NVIDIA GeForce rig is ready, press Alt + Z to get the options, like Record, Instant Replay, or broadcast LIVE.

You may hit the Record button to start recording the screen, as and when required.

Use Screen Recorder Pro for Windows 10

Screen Recorder Pro is a free application available on Windows 10. This app does not just record everything on the screen but also the webcam. You can easily install Screen Recorder Pro from the Microsoft Store, and access it from the Start menu.

Unlike the apps mentioned above, Screen Recorder Pro offers multiple options to view the screen, including full screen, a specific region, specific screen, only audio, and desktop duplication. It can also save your files in various formats, like FFmpeg for MP4, H.264, GIF, and WebM.

Just press the red circle to begin recording. Alt + F9 to stop and resume anytime, and Shift + F9 to pause the recording.

All the screenshots and videos will be saved in a folder named “Captura.”

Use Debut Screen and Video Recorder

Debut Screen and Video Recorder has more advanced features for screen recording. Plus it is free to use for non-commercial purposes.

This app is capable of supporting a large number of resolution formats along with swift capture. It includes Android devices (480p and 720p), iPhone versions up to iPhone X, PS4, Xbox, and Nintendo 3DS.

Hit the red circle to start recording, Ctrl + F10 to stop recording, and Ctrl + F9 to resume.

These were some of the best ways to capture screens in Windows 10. If you are into high graphics gaming, then you can also try gameplay tools such as XSplit or OBS for highly advanced features.

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