Ghost of Tsushima Will Have a Co-Op Option in the Gameplay

The developers of the Japanese game “Ghost of Tsushima” will add an option of co-op multiplayer in the gameplay starting this fall of 2020.

The game only has a single-player option, but not anymore because starting this fall, the gamers will have a choice of co-op multiplayer in the gameplay.

Co-op in the context of games means “Cooperative Gameplay” which means that two or more gamers will be able to join hands and work as allies against one or more computer opponents.  Sony confirmed the news on Monday that legends mode will have an option of co-op gameplay.

Darren Bridges, a senior game designer from the Sucker Punch, talked about the legendary mode of the PS4 exclusive in a blog post. He said that legends will be a completely new experience-it is a distinct mode that does not follow the hero or the companions from his Journey but instead lays focus on the group of four warriors who have been built up as legends in tales told by the folks of Tsushima.

In the co-op multiplayer of the legendary mode, you have the option to either play as a Samurai, Hunter, Ronin or Assassin characters. You can play in the groups involving either two or four players. The two-player group will be given to complete the story mission, and the group of four will battle against hordes of enemies in the survival mission.

Developers of the game also have a plan of including a four-player raid that features never seen before “brutal and terrifying” villains.

The game “Ghost of Tsushima” was released in 2020. It is developed by Sucker Punch and is a PS4 exclusive which means Sony distributes it. The game explores the story of a Samurai named Jin who desires to protect his beloved Tsushima island at the time of the first Japan invasion by Mongols. In the story, Jin is played by the gamer who also has an option to explore the open world.

The open-world in games is a virtual world designed for gamers to explore and experience various places as if they are living through the character. The Open World games were popularized by Grand Theft Auto franchise with its first hugely popular game Vice City.

Since its release, it has been given mixed reviews by the critics who have praised the game for its visual brilliance and storyline but has criticized it for its open-world experiences that the gamer can go through.

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SOURCE: Ghost of Tsushima Will Have a Co-Op Option in the Gameplay

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