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Times When Merrick and Copley Were the Most Annoying in Netflix’s The Old Guard

The Old Guard on Netflix is an action drama that tells a tale of a bunch of mercenaries who are immortals and have ensured their survival for centuries by fighting wars for money. While some characters received all the favor from the audience, some characters existed in the movie only to make bad decisions and create a ruckus. Two such characters Merrick, a selfish businessman, and Copley, an unwise ex-CIA agent, are the epitome of such behavior  and continued to frustrate the audience till the movie’s last minute. Here are the top scenes where they were most annoying.

When Merrick Stole the Axe

Merrick always had a secret plan for every situation, but it seldom turned out to be of any relevance whatsoever. When the man picked up Andy’s ax, his expression was that of prolonged thought and maybe a cunning plan building up in his brain. But the audience had a facepalm moment when they realized that his entire plan was to maneuver the ax in case of an attack. The reality was ironic because Merrick ended up being stabbed by the same ax and shoved out of the window.

When Copley Tried to Confront Merrick

When Merrick ambushed Joe, he alerted Copley and made him suspicious. The audience felt unbelievably angry at this point because Copley had already caused enough damage to the team by now. Maybe Copley assumed that Merrick had some premeditated reason for this act he did not understand.

When Merrick sent Copley After the Group

It was clear from the beginning that Merrick intended to apprehend Andy’s team and have his medical team perform experiments on their bodies. But the actual act was still exasperating for the viewers. The man had no layers or development to his personality from the minute he came on the screen till the time he went flying out the window. His acts never aimed for anything more than personal gain under the façade of the world’s benefit. It might have been a little better to be an outrightly immoral person.

When Copley Did Not Pay Attention

Despite everything Merrick did and the limits he crossed to captivate Andy and her army, Copley was still astonished to find that Merrick was working for his benefits, and this is when the character looks stupid. Marrick even worked in cahoots with Booker to capture Andy, but Copley never noticed. Copley was so focused on recreating the mercenaries’ DNA that he neglected everything else. This was less annoying and more foolish on his part.

When Merrick Stabbed Joe

This scene was the first time that the audience was sure that Merrick was entirely selfish and did not care about a thing beyond himself. In previous events, Copley and his acts ended up shrouding Merrick’s intent, primarily because he did not play in the forefront. This scene had the potential to give the character more intensity, but the opportunity did not materialize because of the swarm of heavily armed bodyguards.

When Copley Attempted to Sacrifice Himself

Copley was a complicated man to understand, but constant looming grief turns a person that way. He was well aware of Merrick’s group of highly skilled bodyguards and the immortals’ army that held a severe grudge against him. He still felt that his plan to go in with a gun and mend his mistakes was both possible and smart. His training in the CIA was useless due to the sheer number on the opponents’ side, and there was only so much he could do with one gun. Copley’s scope of logic was really limited.

When Merrick Provoked Cruelty

Nobody gasped in surprise when they figured out that Merrick’s entire focus was to attain his goal, and the means he used to do that did not matter to him at all. If he had cared for the comfort and health of the immortals while trying to replicate their DNA, it would have made his character a little more intricate and interesting to explore. But maybe the writers intentionally let him be a two-dimensional person. The lack of humanity demonstrated by his team during their experiments is not something unique or unacquainted with the mortals as well. So maybe we cannot crib about him excluding anesthesia from the process.

When Copley sent Hitmen After the Team

Copley was either delusional and believed he was not doing Merrick’s unethical tasks, or his emotional investment in the process kept blinding him. But either way, the audience could not tolerate when he went around harming everyone and kept believing that he was the good guy who is just trying to do what is best for everyone. Sadness and guilt had so deeply engulfed his psyche that he did not realize he was wrong when making decisions that hurt him and everyone around him.

When Merrick Called Andy Selfish

Merrick was an expert on the concept of self-centered behavior because he was selfish too. So when he called Andy selfish with utmost confidence, he sounded oblivious to the fact that she was responsible for innumerable positive turns in human history. His ego and sky-high ambitions clouded his judgment, and he could not neutrally understand the findings of Copley. This statement made him sound unrealistically bigoted.

When Copley Gave the Team the Job

It had become apparent from the first instance that Copley’s job offer was not in the best of the team’s interests. Booker and Copley’s becoming associates made the picture clearer. The Old Guard premiered on Netflix on the 10th of July 2020 and is directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood. The movie stars Charlize Theron, KiKi Layne, Matthias Schoenaerts, Marwan Kenzari, Veronica Ngo Thanh Van, and Luca Marinelli in lead roles.

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SOURCE: Times When Merrick and Copley Were the Most Annoying in Netflix’s The Old Guard


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