Logitech Pro X Lightspeed is the Best Wireless Gaming Headset, Here’s Why

Logitech is a computer-based accessories manufacturing company that offers several products like remotes, keyboards, mouse, headset, and many more. They supply their products to more than 100 countries!

Recently, Logitech announced the Pro X Lightspeed, the wireless edition of the 2019’s famous Pro X gaming headsetBoth versions are almost identical in terms of design and build. Both the headsets have identical aluminum and steel design. However, the devices vary on the basis of a few specs that make Pro X Lightspeed a fitting upgrade. 

One of the significant differences lies in the presence of the USB-C charging port in the Pro X Lightspeed. With this feature, the headsets join the list of some of the most recommended wireless headphones like Corsair Virtuoso and Audeze Penrose Wireless headsets.

Another major difference is the wireless technology. You can chat or record audio through a 2.4GHz wireless receiver and transmitter. Logitech claims that it has a 13-meter range for the connectivity of the headsets with your primary device. It means the earphones will work even when you are 40 feet away from your gaming console or PC!

Like the wired version of the Pro X, Logitech offers the same set of velour-covered ear pads with this headset. You can use them when you feel that the pre-installed leather pads are not working or are not comfortable. If you compare both the devices, you might find that the Pro X Lightspeed is a better fit and more comfortable than the wired counterpart.

The Pro X Lightspeed is also different from the previous version in terms of the buttons. The wireless headset has a dedicated mute button for the microphone along with the rubber volume button located on the left cup. These buttons and features were also available with the wired headset but were located on its cable. 

What’s Lightspeed? 

Lightspeed is a highly responsive end-to-end wireless solution that Logitech has developed. You will find it in the mice and keyboards produced and sold by the company. It is designed for quick response, increased stability in the connection, and enhanced wireless performance.

What About Its Sound Quality?

The audio quality of the Pro X Lightspeed is excellent. In fact, the wireless headsets offer better-quality sound than their wired counterpart. The headset is capable of delivering crisp and precise sound quality. The mic of the headset is highly functional and can pick your voice efficiently. You just have to lift your face to mute the audio. It is an excellent feature that can help you avoid pressing the mute button located behind your ears. 

The Bottom Line

The Pro X Lightspeed is one of the most expensive gaming headsets available in the market. Logitech has launched this product with a price tag of $199.99. However, if you don’t want to buy this expensive product, you can go for the wired device.

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SOURCE: Logitech Pro X Lightspeed is the Best Wireless Gaming Headset, Here’s Why

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