Sony Launches Wearable Air Conditioner to Keep You Cool During Summers

First uncovered last summer with a planned launch at the 2020’s Tokyo Olympics, Sony’s innovative wearable personal air conditioner is finally dropped in the market. Sony wearable air conditioner helps you to fight scorching heat in summers, especially when you step outside. It works along with a specially designed T-shirt that allows you to hang the wearable device in the centre of your back, and beneath the neck. It appears somewhat like Apple Magic Mouse and utilizes the Peltier effect to work similarly to a heat pump. It helps your body to stay cool during intense temperature and effectively reduces the temperature up to 23 degrees Fahrenheit.

Sony has named its wearable AC “Reon Pocket” which is pretty unique as well. It is quite impressive for just a wearable device to cool down your body by 23 degrees in scorching days. This device has definitely raised our technology stat, considering it has been rolled to market. It not only cools your body but also helps you stay hot in chilling winters. It can help your body to get warm by 14 degrees Fahrenheit in winters which is also an extraordinary achievement in technology.

Considering its compact size, it has a powerful battery that delivers constant cooling for about 2-4 hours as per energy utilization by the air conditioner. The battery will run out fast if the machine has to use more energy to make your body cooler. In case the device is working with a little effort to achieve a specific temperature, the battery will last much longer.

Given that its running time will be up to 4 hours on a full charge, you can’t depend on this equipment for an entire day. It would be a perfect device for making your shopping experience more comfortable and less tiring. You would be able to stay cool even if you have frequent fieldwork in your job, then this equipment can be your next buddy.  

Once your battery runs out, you can detach it from your t-shirt and plug it to charge so that it can use it again. Last year, Sony gave its words that it will be launching two variants of Reon Pocket– A Lite version that has to be controlled manually and a Standard variant that would have all features for automated manipulation.

The standard Reon Pocket reportedly had to be controlled via the smartphone app. Whatsoever, Sony has only released the standard version of the wearable, and there is no update about the Lite version of Reon Pocket.

Sony Reon Pocket: Pricing, How to Buy, and More

On Sony’s official online website, it is ready for buying for 120 USD. On Japans’ Amazon site, it is priced at approximately  160 USD. Keep in mind that the t-shirt holders will cost 20 USD separately. You can buy it as soon as it launches in your country.

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SOURCE: Sony Launches Wearable Air Conditioner to Keep You Cool During Summers

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