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How to Record The Screen on Mac

Recording screens on Mac devices can prove to be very helpful, if you want to save any video or share something that you are looking at on your screen or if you want to film any tutorial for your YouTube channel or basically anything. Mac already comes with an in-built feature where it lets you record screen by pressing Shift+ Command + 5 on your keyboard. Pressing these keys will open up a set of options for controls, and you can choose from these options: recording the entire screen, recording the selected portion of the screen, or capturing a still image of the screen. You can also use QuickTime Player to record the screen. If you are using the MacOS version up to Mojave. For the latest versions like Mojave and Catalina, you will have to download the Screenshot app to record your screen. But it can record the external audio only, and to record the internal audio, you will have to download third-party apps. Moreover, the inbuilt DVD player can also block or enter after your screen recording experience.

There are some of the steps that you can follow for the latest version of MacOS (Mojave or Catalina):

  1. Press Commands + Shift + 5 keys to open the Screenshot option.
  2. From the controls bar given below on the screen, take a screenshot or video of the screen or window or any section that you desire.
  3. From the given Option button, choose where you want to save the screenshot of the video of the screen. At this moment, you can switch on the microphone and choose where you want to save the recording.
  4. To record a particular section of the screen, click on the key or button that has a screen printed on it along with a dotted outline and a circle in the corner. You will find a dotted outline on the screen. Resize dose dots according to your preference and click on the record button.
  5. If you want to record the whole screen, click on the button that has a screen and a circle printed in the corner of it.
  6. Click anywhere on the screen to start recording the whole screen.
  7. Press Command + Control + Esc together to stop recording.

If you are using an older version of MacOS, you can use these steps to save your screenshots as PNG files:

  1. Press Shift + Command + 3 together to take the screenshot of the entire screen.
  2. Press Shift + Command + 3 and drag the cursor to resize the outline of the area you want to capture on the screenshot.
  3. To record a whole window, press Shift + Command + 4 keys and then press the spacebar. Move your cursor towards the window that you want to capture and then give a click on it.

Use Quicktime Player

For older versions of MacOS, you can use QuickTime Player to record the screen. Follow these steps to begin recording:

  1. Open QuickTime Player, click on the File option and then click on New Screen Recording.
  2. You will find a pop-up window appearing on-screen labeled as Screen Recording.
  3. You will get multiple options after clicking on the arrow given next to the Recording button.
  4. Choose from the type of recording option, such as recording audio from the external mic or any other mic.
  5. Click on the red colored recording button.
  6. Just like the new latest version of MacOS, click anywhere on the screen to begin recording the entire screen.
  7. To record a particular section of the screen, click and drag the cursor to create a window and then click on the Start Recording button that will appear in the middle of the window screen. You can resize the window screen before you start recording.
  8. To stop the recording press Command + Control + Esc key.

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SOURCE: How to Record The Screen on Mac


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