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What Is the Best Time to Build Settlers and Expand It in Civilization 6?

Civilization 6 is a famous strategy-based game that is developed by Firaxis Games and was released in 2016. The game is now again in the trend. The world of Civilization 6 is quite extensive; there is so much in it that it is hard for a gamer to explore all of it. On of the hidden and beneficial aspects of Civilization 6 is Settlers. However, various conditions are linked to it. In this article, we are going to help the gamers know about all such restrictions, along with the best time to build Settlers and Expand it in Civilization 6.

Civilization 6: When you Should Build and Expand Settlers

The best time to expand Settlers in Civilization 6 is early in the game. Thus, gamers need to get their first Settler alongside security and an investor. This is because in the early stage of the game, the Population of the city is quite less and we all know that producing good Settlers requires less Population. Once gamers have successfully obtained a Settler, they need to craft the second one to restrain the city.

Alongside, this time gamers have to add various people from their city to include in the units. Afterward, they have to either build a district or monument to build a second Settler in Civilization 6 successfully. Once the gamers have successfully created the Second Settler, then they will begin to feel that now managing the control over the city is now getting quite easier than before. Thus, gamers should continue building more Settlers as it will only improve and raise the level of their game. Several veteran players have stated about Settlers during a Twitch Streaming in which they said that At least for one city, gamers must need 10 Settlers. Thus, we know after the third Settlers, players will find it hard to build the fourth one, but with a bit of hard work and determination, they will be going to be successful in building 10 Settlers. The building of Settlers will help the gamers to achieve a certain Victory in Civilization 6 with more ease.


Although Civilization 6 is acquiring a lot of acclamation and success these days, its developers still haven’t included anything new. Following a certain trend, several developers of the games are now mainly focusing on adding new events and updates to their game to increase the gaming experience of gamers. However, Firaxis Games haven’t added anything new to fresh up the gaming world of Civilization 6. We hope after reading this article, gamers will easily understand the best time to build Settler.

Civilization 6 can be played on PS4PCNintendo SwitchLinuxiOS, and Xbox One.

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SOURCE : What Is the Best Time to Build Settlers and Expand It in Civilization 6?


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