How to Enter the Konami Code and Unlock the Vic Viper Charm in Dead by Daylight

Finally, Behaviour Interactive has met the requirements of the gamers. Thus, Dead by Daylight finally gets a new DLC after a long time and it is known as Silent Hill. The newly arrived DLC has changed the game aspects a lot and it mainly includes new characters such as Cheryl Mason and the antagonist Pyramid Head.

The potency of the survivor as well as the killer gets a huge enhancement alongside an Easter Egg from the popular Konami series that has arrived through Silent Hill. Vic Viper of the famous spaceship series Gradius has come along with the DLC. However, as everyone knows that Vic Viper is known for its Charm, thus here also gamers are after it. In this article, we are going to provide all the available information related to Vic Viper Charm alongside Konami Code that is required to unlock it. Read through the below-written workaround, if you are willing to unlock Vic Viper Charm in Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight: How to Unlock Vic Viper Charm using Konami Code

As we all know the Konami Code is a major requisite for the unlocking of Vic Viper Charm; thus, it is necessary for the gamers to first understand the Konami Code. This is a popular cheat code aspect that has been a part of Konami Games since the 80’s era. The first-ever game that got the Konami Code for the first time was Gradius, thus Dead by Daylight’s developer along with mutual consent with Konami have to include Vic Viper in the new DLC.

The Konami Codes are still the same as they were back in the 80s. They are always operated with a press of Right, Left, A, B, Down, Up, Up, Down. Although, with the expansion of video game controllers, their keys have been changed. Further in this process, we have provided the new Konami Code for Dead by Daylight to unlock Vic Viper Charm but before getting along to it. First, there are two things that gamers need to know that the newly arrived DLC Chapter: Silent Hill is not available for free. Players have to buy it to avail of it. The second thing is that the Konami Codes will not apply to be used on gaming consoles. Gamers who are playing Dead by Daylight on PC can input the Konami Code into their game. Players need to initiate this process by selecting the mode of the game. Later on, they have to insert the code in a similar order; WWSSADADRight Mouse ClickLeft Mouse ClickEnter.

Gamers need to understand this fact that inputting the Konami Code in the correct order is quite necessary because any mistake will ruin the task. However, gamers can try inputting the code as many times as they want, there are no restrictions for the number of attempts. Thus, we advise players to be aware while reading and inserting these codes. The only way through which gamers could find whether they have succeeded in submitting of correct Konami Code is when the famous theme music of Gradius starts playing. Once players heard the theme music, then they need to go to the option of Charm where they can see that Vic Viper Charm has been added successfully to their collection.


Behaviour Interactive is about to release a new DLC in Dead by Daylight, and it is expected to arrive in the initial week of the upcoming month of July. However, there is no announcement yet about this context, but there wasn’t any proclamation also about Silent Hill DLC.

Gamers who are keen to attain the gaming experience of Dead by Daylight can obtain it on PCNintendo SwitchPS4iOS, and Xbox One.

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SOURCE  : How to Enter the Konami Code and Unlock the Vic Viper Charm in Dead by Daylight

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