Instagram Live: A Step by Step Guide for Businesses

Instagram Live is a remarkable feature by Instagram to gain followers and to sell your products.  Going live on Instagram not only allows you to engage with your followers but also helps in getting full public attention. Once you connect with the audience through this feature, you can then showcase your recently launched products for sale and increase your online business. The audience can even ask product-related information by putting their questions in the form of comments which will be visible to you and other people in real-time. You can use this as an opportunity to answer their queries while you are live and bring clarity regarding your product and its usage. This will have a positive impact on the customers as they can get their doubts cleared on the spot, and their honest feedback in real-time will make you a trustworthy seller amongst the others. Coming live on Instagram will make you appear in the newsfeeds of other people which will increase your audience reach. The more the number of people join you, the more you will get a chance to interact with a broader audience and benefit from them. Each time you come live on Instagram; your followers will get notified in their newsfeeds that you are live, and they may instantly join you for the latest updates.

Even if you have ended your Live session with the audience, your audience, or anyone visiting your profile can still see your Live session as it will remain there in the form of an Instagram story. This is a great feature. The users who were not able to connect with you while you were Live on Instagram, can then see your Live session in your stories. Another good thing for your business as it will let you reach a more significant number of users, thereby increasing your business reach.

Recently, Instagram has released an option of saving your live videos to let them appear on your profile. In short, once you appear to live, you can now save your live videos and broadcast it to Instagram Live TV (IGTV) for as long as you want. You can also select the time limit for it to appear on your profile. Now you can also watch the live videos on your desktop screens to have an excellent viewing experience.

We have mentioned below a step by step guide to promote your business with Instagram Live.

Settings Adjustment

Before you appear to live on Instagram, make sure you have checked all the required settings. It is good to cross-check all the settings before coming Live. You can check it by clicking on the Camera which is available for Instagram Stories and select the option of live mode by swiping. A settings icon will appear on the top left corner of your screen. Click on it and adjust the settings accordingly as per requirements.

Settings for Automatically Hiding the Comments That Spread Hate

You can perform settings for automatically hiding the comments that may look offensive. To hide the comments that are not appropriate, you can click on “Privacy”, “Comment Controls”, “Turn on Hide Offensive Comments”. These setting should be performed before you come live on Instagram.

Instagram Live

After checking all the required settings, you can click on the Camera available for Instagram stories. Once you do this, you can select the option of coming live by swiping. After doing this, you will have to click on the “Live” icon which you will find at the bottom of the screen. Once you have created a live session, let a higher number of users join your session by waiting for some time. In the meanwhile, you can wish everyone or perform something or ask some questions from the already joined users. Once the number of joined users match your expected criteria, you can proceed.

Interaction with Clients

You can interact with users by giving them replies verbally or through direct messaging on the spot during the live session. You can also ask opinions from other viewers by sharing a question which one of the viewers has asked during the live session. In the meantime, you can also add a second person to your live session for some discussions.

Adding Relevant Information on the Top

You can also add your comment and pin it on the top of the comment section. By using this option, you can place a heading that will appear on the top of that section. Doing this will let the newly joined users know what your live session is all about as soon as they enter the live video. You can also add filters to your live session or add an image as well as video on your live screen by using the button at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Ending the Live Session

Once you have interacted with the audience and discussed the topics or successfully promoted your newly launched product, you can end the live session by clicking on the ‘End’ button on the top right corner of the screen. After completing the live video, you can then tap on the ‘Save’ button to save it or the ‘Share’ button to share it with your IG Stories.

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