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Why Batman Really Killed the Joker in the Arrowverse

The rivalry between the Joker and Batman has been age-old, and throughout the various universes of the DC Comics, the outcome of this matchup comes to a standstill as Batman has sworn that he will never take a life and Joker continuously drives Batman to the very edge of his psyche for him to snap. But after such a long time, there has been news that The Batman finally snapped and killed the Joker. This instance, though, had always been a possibility in the comics, had never led to fruition, and therefore this news was huge for everyone who was involved with the Arrowverse. Now, questions were raised about how Batman finally did it. There are a million different variables between the Arrowverse Batman and the Batmans in the rest of the DC Universes. This incident was brought into attention with the first season of Batwoman being released. One major question that rose was that Arrowverse’s Batman killed the Joker – but did he do so under the control of the Suit of Sorrows?

This news of Batman finally killing the Joker was interesting as Batman’s worst enemy had finally succeeded in pushing him to break his “do not kill” vow, as he did not want to turn into one of the monsters he has sworn to protect Gotham. But in the Arrowverse, it seems he did just that. According to Luke Fox, there’s a simple reason the Joker hasn’t been seen for the last five years; it’s because Batman finally snapped. This was clearly kept a closely-guarded secret, and Luke only told Kate Batman had killed the Joker as she wrestled with self-doubt after the death of Cartwright.

The whole dynamic of the Batman and the Joker circled around Joker, trying to push Batman over the edge, outside the Arrowverse too. No detail of how Batman finally did the act has been revealed yet. But regardless, there are a lot of minute details to be considered for such a drastic change in the story-line. The Arrowverse’s Batman was far from his vigilante career, and fighting for so many years might have finally taken the toll on him. The incident may be a twisted version of the classic “A Death in the Family” arc, in which the Joker murdered Jason Todd and tempted Batman to commit a brutal act of vengeance.

Still, with no officially given statement, the speculation for this occurrence goes on. There was also a subtle nod to another possible reason in the form of Azrael – a brutal vigilante who donned the mask of Batman for a time in the comics – exists in the Arrowverse. Did he do the deed instead?  Azrael is mentioned on a page of Lucius Fox’s old journal, which finally also referenced a mystical suit associated with the character, the Suit of Sorrows.

This said the suit was special as it gave the wearer supernatural speed and strength, but the suit in return also corrupted any wearer whose heart and soul were not pure. Another of Lucius Fox’s diary entry has linked the suit to Batman as he has written that Batman started wearing the suit for his daily patrols but suffered from bouts of violence in the process. The time period of Batman wearing this suit coincided with Batman killing the Joker as both of these happened during the “Resurrection of Ra’s al Ghul” in season 3 of the “Arrow.” Thus Batman was wearing the Suit of Sorrows in the same year he broke his vow and killed the Joker. Lucius Fox is undoubtedly hinting at a dark time in Batman’s life, as he found himself confronting his inner darkness. Fox’s journal is silent about how far the Dark Knight fell; did Batman kill the Joker while under the influence of the Suit of Sorrows?

Alternatively, it can also be described as, although more disturbing, that wearing the suit had taken a toll on our hero’s psyche, permanently pushing him off the cliff, turning him into the very monster he has spent his whole life fighting. According to Lucius’ journal, the Suit of Sorrows taught Batman a vital lesson; “that he must be ever vigilant not only in his crusade against crime but also himself.” The Arrowverse’s Batman could well have learned that lesson because he snapped, lost control, and killed the Joker at last.

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Source : Why Batman Really Killed the Joker in the Arrowverse


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