Learn How to Optimize GIFs on GIPHY

GIPHY is a medium that allows its users to search and share soundless short videos that resemble the animated GIF files. The digital market has witnessed the rise in the use of GIFs in branding and networking in recent years as they bring out a little chuckle with some pieces of information. Google keeps ranking the best content through SEOs, and the ranking of content keeps changing over time.

GIFs last up to 5 seconds and are a fun way to attract the eyes of the content consumers. If optimized wisely, brands can gain an advantage by using GIFs. If you are looking for ways to optimize your site or content skilfully, keep reading the following tips to get yourself better at this game.

Optimize Animated GIFs on GIPHY

  • Use Keywords

Just like any other medium, GIPHY also employs the use of keywords. But the precise trick is to use descriptive keywords, and you’d want to make sure that you are sourcing relevant keywords to describe your content’s visuals. GIPHY cannot read alt texts, and to comprehend the text’s range, it hinges on the tags attached to the keywords. GIPHY also recommends including primary nouns, brand name, and the action taking place in the image for better engagement and should not be used unnaturally.

  • Scrutinize your Competitors

If you’re pristine to the digital market, you can check what your competitors are up to, so that you can get a ballpark figure. Do not copy but take inspiration from different sites to recognize the type of tags and keywords are being used in the field of your brand’s interest ideas. You can use hashtags for searching GIFs.

  • Minimum Tags

As per GIPHY’s recommendations, a brand, content, or page should make use of a minimum of ten tags in each of its GIFs. To raise your content in the eyes of SEOs, remain true to your content, relevance, and quality. It will bring you to the forefront in the eyes of readers as well.

  • Be Creative

Creativity in your GIFs is another key to master this whole process. You must be empathetic to the readers, by which we mean to ask you to check your page/content with the perspective of a reader. Things you might want to ask yourself are: Is my content mind-pleasing? Is this relevant to the content while making me giggle a little? Look at your content from other’s perspectives to get a clear picture. Bring some reaction out of your audience through your original creativity.

  • Learn keywords

By this, we don’t mean to ask you to mug keywords. We recommend you to have good knowledge about the keywords that are more often than those not used in your branding’s field. You can generate keywords related to the brand’s existing advertisements and include modest political or non-political satires and jokes. Don’t forget to engage with the social media community as that’s where you can engage with countless millennials.  

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security and utility software programes. He writes about the latest updates regarding office.com/setup and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.

Source: Learn How to Optimize GIFs on GIPHY

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