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Ten Hidden Areas in Red Dead Redemption 2

The fans of Red Dead Redemption 2 has experienced a lot of excitement while exploring the various lands and have taken part in random events encountered while exploring the game world. These events came in the form of crimes committed by the people, ambushes, appeals for assistance, public executions, animal attacks, and ride by shootings. Red Dead Redemption 2 featured a diverse landscape accompanied by intermittent travelers, bandits, and wildlife. However, it must be surprising for the fans that many places remained hidden in the game, and the players could not find these places. Here is the overview of such ten areas which stayed hidden in Red Redemption 2:-

  1. Serial Killer’s Cabin

Some locations in the game were more accessible for the player to find, but some places could be figured out without having keen observation and a bit of hard work. Serial killer’s cabin is one of the hidden places which could be figured out by the players. The players have to the first investigation into the three different murder sites featuring gory dead bodies. Once the players reach the murder site, they will get the idea about the serial killer’s cabin lies in the basement.

  • The Cave of Feral Man

The players could figure out the feral man’s cave in the full moon night as they will hear the howling of a wolf. When the players keep on following the sound, then they might be attacked by the feral man who is completely naked and is accompanied by a wolf. The players should keep it in their mind that this encounter will only take place in the night and only when the moon is full.

  • UFO Cabin

The players have to head towards New Hanover early at 2 A.M to the small shack if they want to figure out the UFO cabin. The little hut in New Hanover is somewhere in between north of Emerald station and northeast of Heartland overflow.

  • Cave of Statues

The players can earn money by robbing the trains and people in the game, along with hunting and skinning animals. Treasure hunting is also among the ways which led the players to add to their treasures, and if the players could figure out the cave of statues, they can surely add more gold. The players will find seven mysterious statues staring on a harpy looking icon.

  • Manbearpig

 The fans could figure out the terrifying location somewhere when they enter the second floor of the house near the Van Horn trading post. The residents of South Park have already got the warning about the gory creature manbearpig in the game.

  • Witch’s House

Witch’s house is among the several other terrifying locations and aliens the fans of Red Redemption 2 have already gone through in the game. The fans could figure out on advancing according to the travel map. When the players reach the Witch’s house, they will find a mysterious liquid to drink and also they will experience a piece of strange music.

  • Devil’s Cave

the players have to follow a secret and hidden tunnel to figure out the devil’s cave, but they would get the warning to stay away from the cave from a mysterious man. When the players continued following the hidden tunnel, they might get the devil’s cave.

  • Occult Cabin

Butcher Creek in the game is one of the locations where the people frightened with law, demons, and spirits are hidden, and if the players continue their search, they may find out the new cabin related to the occult.

  • Cursed House

The players can find out the cursed home when they move into the house of Strange man appeared in the first Red Dead Redemption. The strange man was a mysterious figure who could tell the future of John Marston in the game, and when the players would go to St.Denis near the bayou, they might find the cursed house.

  1.  Mexico

The players have to break a few borders of the game if they want to visit the city of Mexico in the game. However, the players can visit it from the New Austin, but still, it is not going to be so easy as it is an official area, and the players have to follow some strict rules.

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