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Borderlands 3 developed by Gearbox Software is a role-playing video game that is very much popular among the fans. The first-person shooter game is published by 2K Games and is the fourth main entry in the Borderlands franchise. Borderlands 3 was full of quests and side missions, and the players could found an ever-expanding world on multiple planets to play and enjoy the game. Borderlands 3 gave an insight into the many secrets, hidden places, and characters of the Borderlands Canon as it has a vast world to explore. Here, is the list of ten such things which are giving an insight into the canon:-

  1. Krieg is Canon

The DLC character of Krieg was introduced for Borderlands 2, and the fans were puzzled if Krieg was canon character. Krieg was the sixth character who was a psychotic killer, and the game does not provide enough causes behind his transformation into a psycho killer. Krieg is a good friend of Maya and doesn’t want her to open the vaults. The fans were got the introduction of Krieg when he was destroying bandits with his ax while wandering through the wasteland of Pandora.

  • Sirens can instill memories

The fans were introduced with Sirens in the side mission of the Borderlands called “Childhood’s End” and get to know that they are incredible and have mysterious powers to instill memories even in objects. Sirens could be identified with the elaborated tattoos, which covers almost half of their bodies. The abilities of Sirens were further enhanced with the use of Eridians, and the fans could see the demonstration in Borderlands: The Pre Sequel.

  • Typhon Deleon: The First Vault Hunter

The fans are still puzzled about the Vault hunters, and the game did not provide an exact idea about the vault hunters, but it may be concluded the vault could be a vast open area where no one has ever ventured. The fans were introduced with Typhon Deleon in Borderlands 3 as the first vault hunter, and he played a vital role in the ending. It has been revealed that he belongs to Nektrotafeyo, which is the homeland of Eridians and trying to make a machine that could help seal the vaults.

  • Jack’s marriage into the Jakobs family

The fans have got the introduction of Jack during the mission “Childhoods’ End,” where you can see the unclear picture Jack and his wife, but you could not identify Jack as his face is completely scratched off. It is also not made clear in Borderlands, who is the first wife of Jack and the mother of Angel. The fans could also see the same picture which they saw during the Childhoods’ End in the mansion of Jakobs, which left the fans puzzled about the identity of Jack.

  • The powers of Sirens can be passed along

The fans have already met with the Sirens and are aware of their incredible skills through which they can even instill memories in the objects which we use in our day to day life. The fans may think that Sirens are born with their mysterious powers, but they came to know that the forces of Sirens can be transferred to someone else when they died. The fans could see that Ava became a Siren and also Tennis in borderlands two, and it only happened as the powers of Sirens are transferable.

  • Existence of seven sirens

The fans are very much aware of the six Sirens, but it was revealed that they are at least seven Sirens in the universe. It could be concluded from the writings of Eridians, which itself proves that they are seven Sirens. The fans know that Amara, Tannis, Asha, and Ava are sirens, but nothing is known about Lilith, whether she is dead or alive. If Lilith is dead, then her powers might have been transferred to someone else who must have the Phaseleech ability, and that should be the seventh Siren.

  • Existence of Timekeeper

The writings of Eridians are indicating the presence of an unknown entity called Timekeeper. However, nothing is much known about the Timekeeper, but it seems that it could be the seventh Siren which has the ability to control time. Still, only the next series of Borderlands could ideally unveil anything regarding Timekeeper.

  • Pandora as a Vault

The players would get to know that Pandora is the vast vault that was created by the Eridians to imprison and punished the creature who was destroying the universe. This revealed news about Pandora is interesting, as everyone was excited and wanted to come to Pandora.

  • The Ending of Pre-Sequel may have been retconned

It seems that the ending of the Pre-sequel has been revised, and the story has been weaved by reconnecting the characters and events, which was looking quite puzzling. However, it has not been confirmed, but it could be concluded by looking at the games in the series.

  • Existence of some more Jack Doppelgangers

The fans could see some more Jack Doppelgangers as it is evident that Jack has created multiple ones who are not only similar in looks but also share the same DNA.

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Source :  Borderlands Canon: 10 Things Borderlands Canon Hints


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